This volume comprises 12 teaching and learning cases concerning the ethics of care in funeral provision. Each case is supported by a series of commentaries which offer reflections on the details of the case. These commentaries have been written by members of our research team and by invited authors who have professional experience in the provision of funeral care. Some suggested questions are included alongside each case to help you to reflect on the situation presented. You can also find more materials on our Teaching & Learning Guide.

The characters that appear in the Casebook are fictitious and modelled for teaching and learning purposes. The cases have been constructed to reflect common themes emerging from interviews conducted with bereaved friends and family, funeral directors, and celebrants. These cases do not refer to specific, real individuals, living or dead. Any individuals appearing in photographs depicting these characters bear no relationship or connection whatsoever to the stories ascribed to those characters.


This case examines the funeral plans for a 79-year-old woman who died from Covid-19 in Portsmouth in April 2020. The case considers the Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings, questions about the suitability of live streaming funerals, and the problem of family disagreement.


  • Funeral Restrictions
  • Technology
  • Family Disagreement


This case concerns the death of an 18-year-old boy from Birmingham who died in a car crash in April 2021. The funeral is being organised by his parents, who are frustrated by the Covid19 regulations on funeral gatherings, especially in light of the easing of other measures.