The APHF has conducted multiple projects examining NTS within healthcare. Led by Prof Flin research has examined NTS in surgeons, scrub nurses and anaesthetists. You can find out more about the resulting behavioural marker systems via the ‘Tools’ tab in this website.

Research has also been undertaken by Dr Irwin to examine NTS utilised by pharmacists.

Pharmacist NTS

Dr Amy Irwin and Dr Anita Weidmann conducted a study examining the utilisation of non-technical skills by community pharmacists. The study collected both survey data (62 participants) and interview data (11 participants). The survey results demonstrated differences in the opinions of community and hospital pharmacists on three non-technical skill constructs: team structure, mutual support, and situation monitoring, with community pharmacists reporting significantly more positive attitudes about all three. The interviews identified five non-technical skills as key elements of successful pharmacist performance from the interview transcripts: teamwork; leadership; task management; situation awareness; decision-making. You can read the paper HERE.

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