Dr Amy Irwin

Dr Amy Irwin has worked in the field of non-technical skills (NTS) for over nine years. During that time she has published several articles examining NTS in various
industries including aviation, pharmacy, anaesthesia and agriculture. Dr Irwin is co-lead of the Applied Psychology and Human Factors lab within the School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen.  She is also the lead for the NTS_Ag group which is focused on introducing NTS to agriculture.  Dr Irwin has experience of collaborating directly with industry for the purposes of PhD projects and through previous consultancy work with other industries. She is also currently developing an Impact case for REF 2020, which has included attaining an impact grant from the University of Aberdeen in order to host an industrial workshop, develop a website and for public engagement activities.

She has  9 years experience teaching undergrad, 5 years experience teaching PG level and have recently developed an online course in Human Factors which will launch in Jan 2019.