Dr Aoife Mahon

PhD student from 2014 to 2017

Thesis: “Shared spatial attention for action selection and action monitoring”

Dr Alasdair I. Ross

PhD student from 2013 to 2016

Thesis: “The effects of perceptual, motor and cognitive constraints on obstacle avoidance during reaching”

Dr Anna Nowakowska

Research assistant 2018-2019 on the Leverhulme Trust funded project: “Handle with care: Material Properties in Vision and Action Control” in collaboration with Prof Julie Harris.

Dr Louisa Miller

Research assistant 2014-2016 on a Larger Collaborative Grant project funded by the Carnegie Trust: “Memory and motor performance” in collaboration with Dr Gavin Buckingham.

Kamilla Bonnesen

2019 Vacation Scholarship from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to support the project: “Do we need orientation perception for successful letter posting?”

Andrei Birladeanu

2018 Vacation Studentship by The Rank Prize Funds to support the project: “Investigating changes in visual orientation processing and their effect on visuomotor control during healthy ageing”.

Laura Koroknai

2017 Vacation Scholarship: Discovering Research scholarship to the project: “The effects of attention and expertise on bimanual movement planning and control”.

Ioana Stanciu

2014 Vacation Scholarship: Developing Scientist scholarship to support the project: “The effect of eye-movements on obstacle avoidance”.