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The Milano-Bicocca University was founded in 1998 and in less than twenty years has achieved the highest national and international honours (2nd highest ranked Italian University among those comparable in size, according to ANVUR (National Agency for the Rating of University Quality and Research; number 69 on the best 250 Universities less than 50 years’ old, according to THE Times Higher Education).

With about 900 members of the teaching staff and researchers, Bicocca University offers nowadays a wide range of degree courses in Economics-Statistics, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Science, Sociology and Education. There is also a comprehensive offer of Masters, Double Degree, PhD and Summer and Winter School courses.

There are 33,000 enrolled students, of which over 2400 are international.

The University has entered into more than 358 agreements with research and international education facilities.

8 departments (out of 14 of the whole University) have been recognized as ‘of excellence’ and accordingly were awarded a special funding from the Superior Education Ministry; amongst them is the Law Department, with a project on “Law and Pluralism” to be implemented in the next 5 years.

Professor Costanza Honorati

Professor Costanza HonoratiCostanza Honorati is full professor of EU Law at Milano-Bicocca University, where she also teaches Private International Law. She has been a Member of the EU Expert Group assisting the Commission on the Revision of Regulation No 2201/2003 (Brussels II a Regulation) and was eventually involved in the Council’s Working Group negotiating the final text.

She has published and lectures in several fields of Private International Law and EU Law. Her research interests are in the areas of EU Judicial Cooperation, International Family Law, Abduction of Children, Intellectual Property and PIL Law. She is involved in numerous EU-funded Projects, some of which on-going, with a particular focus on International Family Law.

Professor Claudia Pecorella

Claudia Pecorella is a full professor of Criminal Law at Milano-Bicocca University, where she also teaches a class on Gender violence. As member of the Eliminate Domestic Violence Italy-Project, aimed at promoting the use of the multi-agency approach of the British MARACs, she is part of the organization board of the “Advanced Course on Violence against women and children” at the same University. She is editor of the Gender Section of the Contemporary Criminal Law Review (www.penalecontemporaneo.it).

She works on gender violence issues, including domestic violence and MGF; on these topics she gives lectures in the academic context and provides training courses for lawyers and professionals.

Her publications concern different issues of criminal law, including computer and corporate crimes; her actual research interest focuses on the response of criminal law systems to women, whatever their situation as victims of violence or offenders.

Dr Sara Bernasconi

Dr Sara BernasconiSara Bernasconi obtained a Ph.D. in International Law and Economics at Bocconi University in 2012. She teaches EU Law and Internal Market Law at LIUC-University and she has published on several topics of Private International Law. She participated in some EU-funded Projects and she currently is a Research Assistant on the POAM Project.




Giovanna Ricciardi

Giovanna Ricciardi is a Ph.D. candidate in Private International Law. She worked as a trainee judge at the Court of Appeal, family section, in Milan and at the German Central Authority in Bonn. Her research interests concern mainly maintenance obligations and International Family Law. She is currently a Research Assistant and a Conference Organizer for the POAM Project.

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