Adding a New Page

The default WordPress Pages functionality provides the means to add to your site’s Page content.

Note: When Adding a New Page, you may wish to also consider

There are 3 different ways to add a new page

  • Click the Pages menu
  • Click Add New

Adding a New Page


  • Hover over the Pages menu and select Add New from the pop-out menu options

Adding a New Page


  • If you are already on the Pages page, click the Add New option

Adding a New Page

The Add New Page screen is displayed:

Add New Page

  • Enter a Title for your page

Enter a Page Title

  • Click into the standard content area

A Permalink is generated, based on the title that you just entered:


Note that this can be changed if required. To do so, click the Edit button, make any required changes, then click OK

Edited Permalink

  • Enter standard content if required

Standard Content

Should you wish to create a Modules Only Page, select the Modules Only option under Page Settings on the right of the page

  • Add content modules if required – see later for information on creating content modules
  • Save Draft, Publish or Update your Page

Save Draft
Use Save Draft when you need to save your page but are not yet ready for the page to go live on your web site i.e. when your page still requires work to be done on it


Use Publish when you are ready for your page to go live on your web site.

The Update button will only appear once a page has had an initial Publish. Once a page has been published, any further changes to the page are considered updates.


Note that you must Save Draft, Publish or Update your page before leaving the page otherwise any changes to the page will be lost. This includes any changes to content modules.