Deleting Content

Regardless of whether you are looking to delete a Page, Post, News Item, Event or Profile, the procedure is the same.

  • Click on Pages / Posts / News / Events / Profiles as required to display a content listing
  • Hover over the Title of the item that you want to delete

Edit, Quick Edit, Bin and View options are displayed:


  • Click Bin

Alternatively, you can delete an item whilst working on the item itself.

  • Select the item you want to delete
  • Click Move to Trash in the Publish section

Move to Trash

The item is moved to the Bin.

Note that you are not prompted to confirm the deletion.


Restoring Content

Should you accidentally delete something, or decide that it is actually required, it can be retrieved from the Bin.

  • Click the Bin link


  • Hover over the Title of the item you want to restore
  • Click Restore

Your item will be returned to its original location.


Alternatively, if you are ***absolutely sure*** that the item will no longer be required, click Delete Permanently.