Featured Content


The following fields are used in the Featured Content content module:

Fields marked * are compulsory.

Field Action Option / Content
Status * Select Published / Unpublished
Title Enter Optional module title
Content * Add Max 4
Title * Enter Required feature content title
Image * Select/Upload Required feature content image
Content Description Enter Optional content description
Link Option * Select None / Internal / External
Internal Content * Select Select object 1
External Link Text * Enter Enter text 2
External Link URL * Enter Full http(s)://www.site.com link required 2
Theme * Select White / Light / Dark

Only when Link Options is Internal
2 Only when Link Options is External



The Featured Content module provides a means to highlight items of interest, with up to 4 items per Featured Content Content Module. Note that Featured Content Content Modules can be ‘stacked’ where there is a need to highlight more than 3 items of interest. Items can be purely informative, standalone items, with no link, or they can link internally or externally.


Featured Content Admin

The Featured Content Content Module appears as follows when added:

Featured Content Content Module


Adding a Featured Content Content Module

  • Open the Page / Post on which you wish the Content Module to appear
  • Click the Add Module button
  • Select Featured Content
  • Select the required Status
  • Enter Title (optional)
  • Enter a Title for the first featured content element
  • Click the Add Image button to select an Image

This displays the Select Image window

Select Image Window

  • Click on an image from the Media Library tab


  • Click the Upload Files tab
  • Click the Select Files button

Select Files

This displays the Open window

Open Window

  • Locate and select the required image
  • Click the Open button

A tick and blue border appears around the selected image

Selected Image

  • Click the Select button

The selected image is added to your module

Image Added

  • Enter a Content Description (optional)
  • Select the required Link Option
  • Where the selected Link Option is No link, no further action is required
  • Where the selected Link Option is Internal link
    • Click the Internal Content select menu
    • Scroll through the links until you find the required link

Note that you can also enter the first few characters of the link to narrow down the selectable options

    • Click to select the required link

Select Internal Content

  • Where the selected Link Option is External link
    • Enter the External Link Text
    • Enter the External Link URL (full http(s)://www.mysite.com link required)

External Link Text and URL

  • Click the Add featured content button to add subsequent buttons, entering a Title and optional Content Description, selecting an Image, and selecting a Link Option for each featured content added
  • Select Theme
  • Click Save Draft / Publish / Updateto save


Featured Content Layouts

One Featured Content Item

One Featured Content Item

Two Featured Content Items

Two Featured Content Items

Three Featured Content Items

Three Featured Content Items

Four Featured Content Items

Four Featured Content Items

Featured Content Items With No Description

Featured Content Items With No Description


Featured Content Themes

White Theme

Featured Content White Theme

Light Theme

Featured Content Light Theme

Dark Theme

Featured Content Dark Theme


Featured Content Example