Page and Post Settings

Page Settings can be seen when working on Pages or Posts, and are located on the right hand side of the Page/Post, underneath the Publish and Page Attributes sections.

These Page Settings can be applied on a per Page/Post basis, overriding any general site level settings.

Page Settings

The available settings are as follows:


Display Page Title

Select Hide to hide the Page/Post title, Display (default) to show the Page/Post title.


Page Type

By default, Pages/Posts are set to Content and Modules, which uses the default WordPress content area, with the option to add Content Modules. Modules Only can be selected should you wish to construct a Page/post purely from Content Modules.


Page Feature Image

Default (Set in Customizer) uses the Header Image(s) set in the Customizer. No Header Image removes all Header Images, with the page content appearing directly beneath the menu. Featured Image (Set below) uses a Header Image specific to the current Page/Post.

The following illustrates the use of a Header Promo content module, with Page Settings > Page Feature Image set to No Header Image and Page Settings > Page Type set to Modules Only

Custom Header


Featured Image

Set featured image provides the means to set a Header Image specifically for the Page/Post.

Featured Image

  • Click Set featured image

The Featured Image window is displayed

  • Click on an image from the Media Library tab


  • Click the Upload Files tab
  • Click the Select Files button

Select Files

This displays the Open window

Open Window

  • Locate and select the required image
  • Click the Open button

A tick and blue border appears around the selected image

Selected Image

  • Click the Set featured image button

The selected image is added as your Featured Image

Featured Image

  • Select Featured Image (Set below) from Page Settings > Page Feature Image
  • Click Save Draft / Publish / Update to save