The following fields are used in the Map content module:

Fields marked * are compulsory.

Field Action Option / Content
Status * Select Published / Unpublished
Title Enter Optional module title
Description Enter Optional map description
Map Pins * Add Add 1+ map pins
Pin Location * Enter Enter address to add Pin Location
Content Enter Optional content to add to Map Pin
Theme * Select White / Light / Dark



The Map module provides the means to add a Googlemap, complete with one or more map pins, with optional addition information for each of the pins if required.


Map Admin

The Map Content Module appears as follows when added:

Map Content Module


Adding a Map Content Module

  • Open the Page / Post on which you wish the Content Module to appear
  • Click the Add Module button
  • Select Map
  • Select the required Status
  • Enter Title (optional)
  • Enter Description (optional)
  • Enter an address for Pin Location

Googlemap Address

The Googlemap will attempt to find the location:

Googlemap Address

  • Click the location to select it

This adds a Map Pin to the map:

Map Pin

  • Alternatively, click and drag the map to the desired location and then click on the map on the position where the Map Pin is required
  • Enter Content (optional) for the Map Pin


The example below illustrates Content with a right-aligned image:

Example Googlemap

The example below illustrates Content with an address:

Example Googlemap

  • Click the Add Pin button to add subsequent map pins, entering a Pin Location and optional Content for each map pin added
  • Select Theme
  • Click Save Draft / Publish / Update to save


Map Themes

White Theme

Map White Theme

Light Theme

Map Light Theme

Dark Theme

Map Dark Theme


Map Example

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