Callout / Alert


The following fields are used in the Callout / Alert content module:

Fields marked * are compulsory.

Field Action Option / Content
Status * Select Published / Unpublished
Title Enter Optional callout / alert title
Description Enter Optional callout / alert description
Callout Type * Select Success / Information / Warning / Error
Dismissable * Select Yes / No



The Callout / Alert module provides the means to draw attention to important information, such as a change of event venue, an approaching deadline, etc. etc. The Callout / Alert includes an option to enable the user to dismiss the message once read.

Note: It is currently up to the user to ensure that the necessary content is added to produce a meaningful Callout / Alert as fields are purposefully not required to promote a higher degree of flexibility.


Callout / Alert Admin

The Callout / Alert Content Module appears as follows when added:

Callout / Alert Content Module


Adding a Callout / Alert Content Module

  • Open the Page / Post on which you wish the Content Module to appear
  • Click the Add Module button
  • Select Callout / Alert
  • Select the required Status
  • Enter Title (optional)
  • Enter Description (optional)
  • Select Callout Type

Callout Types display as follows:

Callout Types

  • Select Dismissable

If Dismissable is set to Yes, the user will be able to close the message using the X icon in the top right corner of the message

Callout / Alert

  • Click Save Draft / Publish / Update to save


Callout / Alert Themes

Themes are not applicable to the Callout / Alert content module.


Callout / Alert Example